How to prepare for Brazilian Bikini Wax

How to Prepare for Your Brazilian Bikini Wax
$30 CASH BRAZILIAN WAX for new clients 

Please shower before your appointment. In a pinch wet wipes are a lifesaver. 

Hair must be 1/4-1/2 inch (about 14-21 days of growth) to adhere correctly to the wax. 1/2 inch is ideal for your first wax. Most clients come in with hair that's too long. One to three inches of hair growth is not 1/2 inch. Please measure to get correct hair length. Clients rarely eye ball hair length correctly. Hair that's too long won't lift properly. With longer hair length wax may get suck in the hair without lifting and causes more trauma to the skin and more sensation/pain for the client and takes the waxologist longer with possible declined service. Trimming is not offered to keep the Spa clean and prevent pubic hair from getting in air ducts, on the floor, and to prevent hair from getting on the socks of next clients. We appreciate your at home hair trimming.

Resist the urge to shave between sessions.  Shaving chafes the skin and creates sharper, coarser hair! Waxing every 3-5 weeks is ideal.

Gently exfoliate the night before or take a warm bath to prep the skin before your wax.  Having a warm bath or shower before your wax can soften your skin allowing for easier hair removal.  We also recommend exfoliation the night before as this removes dead skin build up around and in the follicle again aiding in easier and more thorough removal.  We suggest gently dry brushing or using a gentle exfoliating scrub or acne cleanser.

Relax. Come to your appointment as relaxed as you can. Like a lot of things in life, the anticipation is often worse than the actual event.  Don’t listen to friends who tell you their waxing horror stories. They don’t come to us! Relaxing allows for a smoother and quicker service for you and your waxologist. This is your experience and we want it to be a good one.

Breathe. We often ask clients to take a few deep breaths and to try to relax their muscles once they get on the waxing table.  Don’t worry—it really doesn’t hurt that much. Tensioning up will only increase the service duration and sensation. And trust me, we want you to come back, so we won’t do anything to traumatize you.

Realize that it gets better.  We get that first timers don’t know what to expect. My advice is to acknowledge that the first one will be the most uncomfortable, especially if you’ve been shaving prior to it. However, it doesn’t have to be the worst thing you’ve ever done. Most of the time, people leave our room pleasantly relieved that the wax wasn’t nearly as bad as they expected.  Every wax after the first one gets easier, especially when your hair starts growing in finer and we weaken that hair follicle. Everyone experiences their first wax differently. You're second wax is literally 50%-60% easier, quicker, and less painful. 

Medicate if you must. If you’re concerned about the potential for pain, take Ibuprofen 20 minutes before your appointment. Some clients feel this takes the edge off. Other pain medication can cause lifting of the skin and skin sensitivity especially downers. Other things that will help your pain tolerance is avoid getting your first wax on your period. Maintenance Waxes are fine to do if you get your period just not your first wax. Schedule your appointment for a time when you won't be too stressed or sleep deprived. Getting a good night of sleep and eating a big meal prior to your appointment helps. I don't recommend coming in with an empty stomach. 
Remember, it will be over before you know it. Being fuzz-free is so worth a couple minutes of discomfort!