Best Facial Ever! 8/29/13

I'm 58 and I completed a series of 6 Micro Peel Facials with Julie and got amazing results. 100% of my brown spots disappeared by the 5th session. I purchased a Micro Peel Facial for my sister while she was in town and Julie refreshed her face while plumping her wrinkles. Mary October 2012

Julie is very professional and knowledgeable. She explained each step of my facial and what benefits I was receiving. Plus it was the best facial massage and neck and shoulder massage I've received from an esthetician. Barbra 

Great neck and shoulder massage. Fun and relaxing. Sophia

I've done a series of 4 Microdermabrasions. It is very gentle and doesn't really feel like much on the skin but when I wake up the next morning my skin feels baby soft. I've also noticed the lines on my forehead shrinking and my freckles fading. Patty

I've had some bad waxing experiences in the past but with Julie it's great. She uses a really gentle product that barely stings and is gentle on my skin. She also gets all the hair! I've had too many waxes with other estheticians who didn't get all the hair out. Julie takes the time to get it all.